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District of Columbia Criminal Records

Everyone is in-charge of their own security and safety. Police officers may have existed but the truth tells that they don’t have the power to watch over everybody all the time. Thus, every citizen must take part and should be vigilant in preventing crimes from occurring. Something should be done to help the government solve some legal issues. Today, the District of Columbia Criminal Records are made accessible for the sole purpose of giving the general public and private organizations official information for whatever reasons it may serve.

District of Columbia’s sex offender registry is stored and updated at the Metropolitan Police Department. It basically presents the steps on how to make use of such tool and the details which it provides. Moreover, the Arrest and Criminal Section of the District of Columbia is tasked to issue the police clearances for various purposes like apartment rental and other legitimate circumstances. Normally, one needs to complete the application form and hand it over to the designated records office for review and processing.

District of Columbia Criminal Records

As a standard operating procedure, you need to be finger-printed when you are applying for criminal documents. The state’s Federal Bureau of Investigation unit will be the one to conduct the finger-printing. With such a process, results can be obtained in 6 to 8 business weeks. The Metropolitan Police Headquarters has actually held a lot of services including the police reports, victim assistance, firearms registration, complaints and commendations and others. For further information you can visit the office in person and ask for the facts which you desired to have.

When placing a request you need to show proof that you are a legal resident in the District of Columbia. A valid government ID should be good enough to consider you as a legitimate requestor. As usual, you need to pay a certain amount which must not exceed to $20.00 per copy of the criminal records. This is all it takes to grab a copy of the criminal reports which you wanted to know about. So, if someone is acting abnormally and you don’t feel good about it, then, you got to check on the history of that person. It’s better to do something now than be sorry when an unfortunate incident already happened.

Knowing the truth about a person in the past consumes a lot of time. However today, criminal reports can be viewed fast and simple with the aid of an online records provider. It’s definitely remarkable since searching can be done within the convenience of one’s home. The Internet simply makes a big difference because it’s hassle-free and it gives out instant results. Plus, you can have the records you need wherever you are so long as you have Internet access.

District of Columbia Criminal Records

Criminal records in the District of Columbia are available from the Metropolitan Police Department. Records available include:

  • Metropolitan Police Department background check
  • FBI criminal background check
District of Columbia Criminal Records Background Check

To request for police clearance or criminal history request, follow the steps below:

To manually request for criminal records, follow the steps below:

  • Make a request letter and include all the information such as name, birthdate.
  • Have the letter notarized.
  • Include $7 for search fee and self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Processing time is 6 weeks.

To request for arrest, offense and incidence report(s), follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Metropolitan Police Department website.
  • Get the police station number to get hold of the CCN identifying number.
  • Write an accident report (PD-10) or Incidence/Offense Report (PD 251).
  • Send the form together with payment of $3 in money order (cash is allowed for walk-in).
  • Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with the request.
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