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Delaware Public Records

The Delaware Public Records are legally available for public viewing as clearly provided by the State’s freedom of information act. The scopes and limitations of the law are plainly elaborated for the proper use of people in the future. The law also exists as a guideline by which the State government determines how to administer on the said records. As per provision of the constitution, public records will be issued to anyone who goes through a legitimate process of doing the search. So long as the appropriate protocols are followed, the requesting party will surely get what they have been seeking for.

However, not all the government-kept records will be divulged to people. There are those highly classified reports that are too confidential to be revealed. These files include the investigatory reports, intelligence files, labor negotiations, public library users and the other types of records more especially those that pertain to criminals.

Delaware Public Records

Nevertheless, you also have the right to ask for permission from the court or from someone with legal authority if ever you really needed to get a copy of such a file. Delaware has not only maintained the said records in the State office but has also ordered the county officials to do the same documentation for a simpler access among the local residents. Delaware Health and Social services include the birth of an online lookup for the use of the general public.

At the county level, local police headquarters are instructed to have their own organized reports on police matters.

Thus, anyone who would want to find a police file on someone can certainly visit the office. The other law enforcement agencies are also briefed that they are entitled to cooperate or to provide any helpful information whenever there is a legal request. Normally, the main reason for seeking after the said records would be to ensure the protection and security among individuals, co-employees and those whom you come in contact with. In Delaware, the cost for each request should not exceed to $15.00.

The vital records on the other hand can all be acquired from the State’s office of vital statistics, division of public health at $10.00 per copy. These records include birth, death, marriage and divorce. Birth records have been updated since 1931. Those which occurred prior to the mentioned year can be obtained from the Archives Hall of Records. You can also gather plenty of information on death reports since they have been maintained from way back 1963 up to present the same with the marital files. Divorce reports are maintained since 1935 until present. For those which took place after the mentioned year should be retrieved from the Family Court in county where the legal separation was approved.

To obtain these public records, the requesting party should completely fill-out the necessary forms, present a government-issued ID and other documents in order to validate your application. It could take a few days then depending on the amount of information being requested. But today, you don’t need to do all these typical pre-requisites. An online records service comes as an efficient solution to make the searches faster. Plus, you can even do it at home since you only need an Internet to access a reliable site which offers the said legal documents. For a reasonable amount of service fee you will be able to get not only fast results but quality data of public records.

Delaware Public Records

Basic information about the Delaware public records:

  • They are mostly archived by the state’s government website
  • Centrally documented through the Delaware Public Archives
  • Provided by law called the Freedom of Information Act

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