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Criminal Records

You can’t tell a book by its cover, but you can read it. It’s possible to do the same with people these days, at least insofar as their criminal history is concerned. Considering the crime rate (about 4 %) in the country, it’s just as well that we’re able to be on constant alert. Yes, anyone can conduct a search on anybody’s Criminal Records and computerization and the internet have greatly made it all the more convenient and accessible.

Not only can criminal records present an account of people’s historical run-ins with the law, they are also a good indication of their future tendencies. It’s well-documented that a high percentage of crimes are committed by repeat offenders. So it pays to be conducting a criminal record check every time we smell that proverbial rat about someone. On the same note, it’s reasonable to speculate that our own criminal records are constantly being accessed and assessed by others too.

Routine self-check of official criminal records is advisable in case we’re unjustly portrayed. It is estimated that 30% of Americans will have incurred some sort of criminal records in their lifetime. The 3 categories of criminal offense are Traffic, Misdemeanor and Felony. Only serious traffic violations such as drunk driving or hit-and-run accidents are captured in criminal records. Misdemeanors are basically less serious crimes with shorter incarceration period. Felonies are the major offenses.

Criminal records are considered public information in most states. They are widely used in various legal purposes most especially when utilized for court proceedings. You simply can benefit from the records for a number of important reasons today. The practice is believed to be even more widespread privately. It’s worth noting that Police Reports or Arrest Records are not criminal records and hence would have to be separately retrieved if desired.

The information contained in criminal records includes the personal particulars of the individual and details surrounding the crime such as the type and nature of violation, time and place, case number, arresting agency and final outcome of prosecution and so forth. Photographs or mug-shots are standard features. In the case of multiple offenses, the entire criminal history will be produced if they were committed within the same state or jurisdiction.

Search Criminal Records

Criminal records are usually not offered by the State Statistics Department. By and large, they are maintained by the County or State Police Department. Depending on the state, there are rules and restrictions to accessing and using criminal records. For example, some states require prior consent from the subject in order for the requested information to be released. The Criminal Justice Department of the FBI is an alternative government resource for criminal records but their stringent procedures for making requests is a big deterrent. No central federal repository exists and the respective state databases are not linked making it quite laborious for the public to conduct nationwide criminal record searches through governmental agencies.

Commercial record providers are another option. They have come to the fore in recent years and have done it in a big way too. Predominantly online, they are convenient, hassle-free and practically instant. Criminal records should never be taken lightly so be sure to utilize only the best in sourcing your service. If you’re in the market for one, Check This Out.

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