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Contra Costa County Public Records

The first records made by humans could be found on the walls and ceilings of caves and mostly depict animals and other figures that only the makers could understand. Since that moment, record-keeping had evolved to the point where there is actually no need for papers in the process. The fact that early humans are already recording however, seem to indicate the importance of records, and this is the reason why there is such a thing called the Contra Costa County Public Records where the most important public records related to events that happened in the county of Contra Costa are kept and secured.

Records are kept and they are made public because they are of such immense value to the public. These records are primarily used to identify, but there are other uses for it. Although birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates are considered to be the more important of public documents, there are other types that range from court records to registry of properties. The records that correspond to these are generally located within the archive and searching for them could be classified under two general labels, those being state level and county level.

Contra Costa County Public Records

At the state level, the government office concerned would be the California Department of Public Health. This state-level department has copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates since the year 1901 and informational copies of the same are available. Authroized copies may be had if the searcher is one of those that fall under the exclusive list of people who are allowed to have them.

In order to request for the records at the state level, the searcher must first download the appropriate from corresponding to the requested record from the website of the state office. Once the records had been completely filled up, the searcher would have to send the same to the Department together with a money order corresponding to the required fee and a notarized sworn statement if the same is required by the type of copy requested. The fees range from twenty five dollars for birth certificates to fourteen dollars for dissolution of marriage certificates.

At the county level, the office concerned would be the Office of the Clerk-Recorder. The records within this office is limited only to those that had happened within the county, but unlike the state level, the clerk-recorder also has copies of court records and property records. The search here is also faster because there are not as many records that have to be looked into.

To start a search at the local level, the searcher must also download the applicable request form from the office of the clerk-recorder website. As with the state level search, the form must be completed and sent to the office of the clerk-recorder together with a money order payable to the clerk to correspond with the required fee plus a notarized sworn statement. Note that there is a blank sworn statement attached to the application form. As for the fees, the application for a copy of a birth certificate is at thirty two dollars and the cheapest is the application for a marriage license at nineteen dollars.

Another method of searching for the records would be to use online resources in the form of online databases. There are a number of databases that would serve this need as most of these databases provide the same information as the ones that could be delivered upon request. The advantage is that these databases often do not charge to show the information though they could not deliver the same. These databases are also easier to use and they are done using the internet so they are faster, more efficient, and they do not require the searcher to leave the comforts of his home in order to conduct the search.

Contra Costa County Clerk Of Court Public Records

To request for a public record from the office of the clerk-recorder, follow the given instructions

  • Visit the Website of the Clerk-Recorder and download the proper form from those given.
  • Once the form had been downloaded, fill up the same. Note that there is a blank sworn statement attached to the document, this may have to be filled up depending on the document being requested.
  • Check the fees that you must pay in accordance with the Schedule of Fees as provided for by the office.
  • Send the application form together with a money order payable to the clerk and a self-addressed stamped envelope to the office of the clerk-recorder.

Contra Costa County Public Court Records Free Access
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