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California Public Records

Originally, the California Department of Justice has the jurisdiction to all the records maintained within the state government. They used such files for whatever legal undertakings or perhaps court proceedings. Today, the said documents became public records as the legal residents are given the right to request the records as ruled-out by law. The California Public Records Act has made the reports available to anyone who has legitimate intention to retrieve the information. However, the law does not allow a requesting party to use the documents against another person or when the files are currently utilized in an on-going investigation.

Over the years, State officials have instructed the county authorities to keep their own records in order to provide the people a better access to these legal reports. Back in the days, individuals have to travel all the way to the main state’s repository just to apply for the said files. But these days, everyone will have the opportunity to obtain the needed information within the county where they are located. Public records are certainly important more especially when leveraged for protection purposes. Also, the residents will get to do the search via the State’s webpage on public records for those who prefer to do the check over the web.

California Public Records

Most of the vital records like birth, death, marriage and divorce are catered at the Department of Health and Services, Office of Vital Records. On the other hand, the law enforcement agencies or units are the ones who usually maintain the reports on criminal, arrest and police. Public records are composed of the mentioned documents. All of the vital records have been updated since 1905 up to present. The cost for each type of record should not go beyond $15.00 per copy. A formal written request must be complied along with a government-issued ID as proof of the legal residency of the requesting party in California.

Earlier marriage certificates on one hand can be obtained from the County Recorder where marriage took place while the divorce records can be requested from the Superior Court in the County where it was granted. More so, it would be advisable to just contact any of the law enforcement offices to inquire about the current fees and the requirements before starting the search. People should not worry because the county agencies are ready to supply the information on public files.

These days, turning into an online records database is a big help for everybody. It is truly a significant development in the field of technology for they have made it possible to just retrieve these legal reports at home. The Internet becomes an incredible channel for the people to access the records in no time. Just find a reputable online records service to suit your needs and you will be satisfied with the quality of output which you are going to get. It comes with a corresponding cost but really worth it for whatever purposes.

With over 38 million citizens in California, pinpointing somebody with a shady past is an arduous task. To help you solve this ordeal, the State of California lets you perform background checks by checking over the public archives kept and maintained by the state. Procuring public information in California can be done by requesting access to such registers from the following agencies:

Public records are documents that are not considered confidential, thus they are available to any member of the public in need. The Freedom Information Act along with the US Public Records Law clearly stated that anyone can access public information in the state for whatever legal purposes. Public archives include:

  • Birth Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Death Certificates
  • Arrest and Criminal History Information
  • Amendments to Vital Records
  • Project Updates

When making your request for these public documents, an application form for a particular record must be secured first. Such form can be downloaded from the abovementioned agencies’ online portal or obtained directly from their offices.

California Public Background Check

Background checking has indeed become a standard procedure nowadays in most organizations and establishments. Perhaps the most heavily relied on are arrest and criminal history information since such records document any offenses – whether felonies or just misdemeanors – committed by any person in question. Other documents may be used though.

To get a copy of whatever public record you need for the purpose of scrutinizing somebody’s past, the following guidelines are requisite:

  • Secure a request or an application form. You can get this from any of the agencies mentioned above.
  • Provide the complete name of the subject whose background you want to suss out, the gender, your relationshipto the subject, and the reason for obtaining a copy of the record.
  • For death records, please state the complete legal name of the deceased, the date and county of death, and the social security number if known.
  • For marriage certificates, indicate the date and county where the couple tied the knot. Please include the county where the marriage license was issued.
  • For divorce decrees, specify as to when the divorce happened and what county the divorce was filed.

Each record requires a corresponding processing fee. Bear in mind that the fee for a particular record may vary from county to county. The usual processing time for one record also varies from that of the other and such estimated turnaround time will still differ depending on which agency you choose to process your request at.

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