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California Divorce Records

Individuals are unified through the sacred bond of marriage; some stay through the years, while some end-up getting divorced. Divorce reports are public documents that are governed according to different state jurisdictions. California Divorce Records are an example of the files that have been thoroughly organized by the delegated government employees. Such public records supply all sorts of necessary data regarding the people you come in contact with everyday in your life.

Such important records are sought for a number of legal reasons. They exist as evidence of single-status to re-apply for a marriage license, great resource in conducting reliable background checks, and a viable way to verify personal particulars for job screening and other legitimate purposes. But, the most common reason is to find-out the root cause of the separation. This kind of information helps someone make a decision whether or not to further the romantic relationship.

California Divorce Records

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This public legal resource contains informative details that are beneficial and useful for whatever legitimate proceedings. Free divorce records comprise factual data such as the names of the couple, ages, date and location of the marriage ceremony and the closure of it, owned properties and assets, names and birth dates of children and the reasonable cause for the separation. All these are readily available whether it be offline or online methods.

Public divorce records were initially kept at the county level and later on archived at each central repository from various states. The physical files are obtained at the government records offices manually with all the paper requirements needed before processing the request. The better way to conduct divorce reports search is to take advantage from some of the reputable online service providers. The processing time is very quick and the search results are guaranteed to be very helpful in many ways.

The commercial records providers are the most efficient information sources for the official public divorce records. Their online databases only require minimal information during the search and they right away produce results if the records exist. The entire method is hassle-free as you can do the search yourself anytime at your comfort zone. The online searching of free divorce records is the best option to generate the official divorce documents for whatever legitimate proceedings.

California Divorce Decree

Apparently, the requesting party has to find-out the official protocol when trying to acquire the California Divorce Records. Certain steps have to be considered in the midst of performing the search:

  • You need to know whether or not the divorce files are stored at the California Department of Public Health Records
  • Find out if you can possess an authorized copy or only an informational copy
  • Download pamphlet for getting authentic copies of divorce reports.
  • Download the request form for obtaining the California divorce records.
  • Verify the fee for doing the records application
  • Submit your application to the CDPH Vital Records agency.

On the other hand, one needs to be knowledgeable regarding the Law on Divorce and Custody for self-awareness and general overview.

California Vital Records

California has commissioned a group of people who can help in the process of conducting a California vital records check on someone’s documents. The legal resources include:

California Vital Records

The public will also get to view an online database for the California Court System which discusses issues on family, children and the courts. It also covers the following:

  • Civil vs. Criminal Law
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Civil Harassment Orders
Divorce Records California Resource Links

Other online sources on California Divorce Records can be viewed through some of the counties within the State. They include the following:

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