Arrested Celebrities for DUI and Other Violations

Hollywood celebrity stars are popular people, idolized by many but on some knew that all of these celebrities are humans to who can violate certain laws. Here are some of the known celebrities who have been sanctioned by law for Driving Under the Influence including Robert Downey Jr., Lindsay Lohan, Shia Labeouf and Nicole Richie. Please see more celebrity names below who got in trouble with the authorities in the past.

Hollywood Criminals Records

What is Considered a DUI?

DUIs are very common in the U.S., although you take note that laws would differ per State in America. Here are two factors. First, you were behind the wheel operating the vehicle. Second, you were at or higher than .08% blood alcohol level. You need to abide the rules behind it so that your case will not get elevated. Please see more information about DUI from the infographic below.

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How Do You Spot The Signs of Phishing

Phishing is very prevalent nowadays. That’s why it is important that you know the signs of phishing so that you will be aware as to how you are going to combat it. Here are the things you need to do. First, check the URL. Second, never click on emailed links. Third, don’t fear threats in an email. Fourth, don’t automatically trust common entity names. Fifth, be skeptical about direct phone calls.

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Five IT Security Guide For Your Consideration

The Internet is not so safe nowadays for information storage. You need to find ways in order to make sure that your data will be protected at all times. There are five basic ways to protect your information online. First, beware of phishing. Second, install anti-virus software. Third, create strong passwords. Fourth, protect sensitive information. Fifth, share wisely. Please see infographic below for more information.

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Statistics Behind The Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is never easy, but I look up to those who have waited a very long time before they got reunited and got married. Here are some statistics. First, there is 32% college long distance relationships. Second, there has been 75% of engaged couples that have been in long distance relationship. Third, there is 2.9% of U.S. marriages that are considered a long distance relationship.

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Some Lies Done By Job Applicants

It is sad to note but some job applicants these days are not being honest enough in the way they sell themselves to possible employers. Here are some statistics. First, 53% of applications contain inaccurate information. Second, 49% of hiring managers have caught a job applicant fabrication his or her information. Third, 34% of application forms contain outright lies about experience, education and ability to perform.

Job Applicants Records

5 Quick Tips To Stay Safe on Single’s Day

You don’t want to be a victim on Single’s day and so here are the things which you could do in order to be on the safe side. First, use encrypted Wi-Fi. Second, use next generation anti-virus solutions. Third, use third-party payment processors. Fourth, always “https”, never “http”. Fifth, shop direct. These are the five essential things which you need to do in order to avoid the mishap.

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What Do You Do When You Shop Online

There are things which you must act upon when you do shop online. There are five things. First, check if the website has clear description about the product. Second, make sure that the company is registered. Third, read and understand and terms. Fourth, inspect your goods upon arrival. Fifth, you prefer cash on delivery. Sixth, avoid making purchases. Seventh, know the market price of the product.

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Celebrity Mugshots and Their Violations

Celebrities are just like any ordinary citizens in the country. They too are subject to violating certain laws of the land. These celebrities who have been caught with violation on Drinking Under the Influence include Mickey Rourke, Michelle Rodriguez, Kiefer Sutherland, Jaime Pressley, Shia Labeouf and Mel Gibson. For more personalities who got charged with DUI please see infographic below.

Celebrity Violation Records

How Technology Contributes To More Bullying of Teens

Teenagers nowadays are vulnerable to bullying over the Internet. A lot of them didn’t see it coming and thus many of them became victims of it. Hence, people have to be proactive on how to battle or go against cyberbullying in order to save millions of lives of these teenagers nowadays. Some of them don’t inform their parents nor their guardian that they are being bullied.

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