Ways To Prevent Social Media Fraud

Frauds are definitely in existence nowadays. But there are absolutely ways to prevent them more especially for corporate use. First, develop a social risk policy. Second, monitor social media on a regular basis. Third, analyze issues and identify risks. Fourth, prioritize by severity and impact. Fifth, remediate and mitigate.

Social Fraud Records

How Do You Fight Against Cyber Security?

You just have to know the basic things that you can do in order to fight against cyber crime. Here are a few things that you should be doing. First, post and share carefully. Second, know which data is critical. Third, guard using multiple authentication. Fourth, use HTTPS for encrypted transfer of information. Fifth, updated softwares are safe softwares. Sixth, back up all your data. Please see more important security tips from the infographic below.

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Legal Definition of Class Action Lawsuits

So, what do you know about class action lawsuits? There are three suit criteria which you must know about the class action lawsuits. First, claim must exceed $5 million. Second, must be plaintiffs or defendants from multiple states. Third, over 100 class action members. Please see some more legal facts pertaining to action lawsuits through the infographic being outlined below.

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Celebrities Filed Criminal Cases Medical Negligence

Actors and celebrities have encountered sa bad moments with the people they come in contact with especifically in the medical field. They have filed criminal cases to these medical practitioners for various evident reasons. First, Michael Jackson filed a case against the hospital which caused him to be paralysed for months. Second, Julied Andrews sued the doctors who seemed responsible for the lose of her vocal chords since the operation that was done to her. Please see more celebrity names who had filed cases from the infographic below.

Medical Negligence Records

Medical Negligence Records

Policing With The Use of Modern Technology

With the advancement of modern technology these days the authorities can actually do something fast in their quest capture the criminals in the society. Here’s what they can do to speed up the investigation. They can do predictive analytics, gunshot detection systems, phone-tracking apps, digital evidence management, next-generation 911 and drones. Please see how these tools can actually execute and do the job.

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What to Do to Find Out Information About Your Date

Anyone wants to be protected and be safe at all times more especially when dealing with a stranger whom you just met over the Internet. So, here are the things which you can do in order to have a background information about the person. First, you can look up for free sites on the web and search for topics such as inmate records, marriage license, real estate sales and others. Or go to a government site like that of the Department of Corrections.

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How Facebook Resolves Cases These Days

Facebook is not just a social networking site these days but actually a place where people can find relevant information in order to resolve a certain case. One case was about an airconditioning unit being stolen in Florida. With facebook the theft was identified. Another case was about a guy who lost his emergency medical technician license for posting crime scene photos of a beaten and strangled woman on Facebook.

Solved Cases Records

Solved Cases

Ways To Protect Yourself From Online Crimes

A lot of online crimes are penetrating on people’s computers nowadays and even on mobile phones and other devices. Here are some ways to protect yourselves from viruses and malware. First, never open links you get when you don’t actually expect it in your inbox. Second, only install applications from official app stores. Third, be extremely cautious when logging in to your online bank account. Fourth, don’t respond to emails asking you to do some stuff.

Protect Yourself Records

Protect Yourself

The Difference Between True Love and Relationship Convenience

The difference between the two is explained in four aspects including in the conversation, admiration, satisfaction and meaning. You got to be able to define it well so that you will understand how it is going to work and in order for you to have a better dealing with someone whom you have a relationship with especially the person that you are romantically linked. Please see infographic below for more information about it.

Relationship Convenience Records

Relationship Convenience Records

The Worst News on Human Trafficking Today

Human trafficking problem has turned big over time because of so much money involved in it that people can earn a lot out of it. Here is the statistics behind human trafficking these days. First, there is 46% knew their recruiters. Second, 12 to 14 the average age a teen enters the sex trade. Third, almost 1/3 of convicted traffickers are women. Fourth, 29% forced marriage. Fifth, 12% forced prostitution. Sixth, 48% illegal work. Please see infographic below to see more data and details related to the reports on the effects of human trafficking.

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Human Trafficking Facts Infographic