What Parents Must Know About Teen Dating Violence

These teenagers are very adventurous and at some point aggressive in discovering new things. While there is an advantage to it there are also some threats behind it. Dating can be very interesting to them but if they are not well-guided by their parents or guardians they could be in serious danger. So, what they must learn to do is to speak out and stand for what they believe is true. Some of the few things teenagers should do include not responding to hostile, harassing, abusive or inappropriate texts or messages, tell a trusted adult, be mindful in using check-ins on social channels. These are just few of the things that you can actually do. See infographic below for more insightful data.

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The Gruesome Impact of Human Trafficking Today

Human trafficking becomes rampant today because of its very high demand and it is really attracting big amount of money as its income these days. For your information, 72% of which is doing the selling of organs, 12% forced prostitution, 54% for violence. See infographic below for more shocking truth about the crime related to human trafficking.

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Three Known Celebrities and Their Crimes

Celebrities are not perfect at all they too have their own shortcomings. Like these three celebrities namely Shia Labeouf, Ozzy Osbourne and Vince Shlomi. Labeouf was charged with misdemeanor tresspassing. Osbourne was charged for urinating on the Alamo Cenotaph monument. Shlomi was charged for felony battery after punching a prostitute. These are the violations ever made by such celebrities. Fans need to know that their idol artists are not perfect, they too are humans.

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How To Appropriately Run a History Check on Job Applicants

The main reason why some companies have bad employees is that they hire the wrong people. They are not too careful when doing the screening process. They assume that they get the good ones at all times. But according to studies, 52% says that background checks provide better quality of hire. And on that note, the entities and organizations are urged to run a thorough history check before accepting a person to be part of the company.

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Ways The Social Media Can Be Used By Law Enforcers

So, what are these investigative activities that you can do via social media? These are some of the things that you could do including identity location of criminal activity, gather photos or statements to corroborate evidence, identity criminal activity, identity persons of interest, identity monitor persons of interest’s whereabouts, soliciting tips on crime, and anticipating crime that may be occuring. These are some things that you could do on social media to be able to help in eradicating crimes in the society.

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How Dating Affects Future Relationship These Days

If there is one thing that you should stay away from a relationship then it would be the dating abuse. Dating abuse is technically very damaging to the behavior of a person, it controls over the relationship. The three types of abuse include physical, emotional and sexual. So, parents have to know who their children are dating with. Running a background check could sound a little harsh but it definitely worth the money and effort that you do just to ensure the safety of your kids.

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How To Ensure Quality Hires in Your Company

You cannot make a mistake in hiring someone who is a threat in the organization. Hence, you must take the precautionary measures to prevent the bad incidents from taking place. Here’s the few things which you should do including running an SSN and trade trace, perform a criminal search, verify, search additional databases, perform drug testing, obtain a motor vehicle report and automate background screening. These are some of the tips which you can do to be able to avoid the stress in getting some bad hires.

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How Rapes Are Associated To Dating These Days

You go to online dating sites or on a normal date to find a soulmate and that’s all that you actually want. However, there are cases when you have to be cautious of the actions and behaviour of other people when on the online dating site. Reports have said that 6 million rapists walk the streets in America today. More so, 1 in 20 men have admitted to forcing a woman to have sex against her will. It is indeed very dangerous and heartbreaking and thus you must be very careful at all times.

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Activities You Do Online That Make You Vulnerable To Cybercriminals

People are victimized by online criminals simply because of their negligence. Now, here are a few things that you do which you need to watch out for to be totally away from the cybercriminals. These activities include online banking, email, online gaming, bad patching practices, general browsing, mobile browsing and social networking and messaging. These are the activities which these criminals are rooting you for. Hence, there are security solutions which you can avail to keep your activities safe at all time. Please see infographic below for further important detals which you can definitely benefit from.

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The Violations That Lindsay Lohan Has Committed

Lindsay Lohan used to be really cute in her characters as a kid and a teenage during the old days. She has been arrested for DUI, fired from the movie The Other Side, she fails drug test, accused for grand theft, and then she got arrested for tapping pedestrian with Porsche and fleeing scene. These are the things she did, not to mention the many more violations which she had done in the past. This is one story that the young generation of celebrities must reflect upon, that they should maintain protecting their reputation so that they will continue to rise in the entertainment industry.

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