The Various Types of Theft Today

You need to be aware as to how these thieves these days work. There are three types of theft. First, the larceny. Second, the identity theft. Third, robbery theft. The commonly stolen objects include jewelries, cars, electronics and money. Please see more details from the outlined infographic you see below.

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Efficient Strategy to Screen Potential Tenants

There are a couple of things that you can do in order to ensure a good screening on tenants. First, set your standards. Second, do a pre-screening. Third, then apply. Some of the details that you need to gather include personal information, current and past landlords, social security number and date of birth, release of information signature and other things. Please see more facts below.

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The Truth About Social Media Negative Impact

The social media today could either bring in good things or bad things for some reason. But it is sad that some people would misuse it for other purposes. Here are some facts about the bad effects of the social networking sites. First, 72% of organizations believe employee use of social media poses a danger to their entity. Second, 33% of users say they have been sent malware via a social media site. Third, 24% of social media users say they hae been compromised by employers using social media.

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How To Keep Your Personal Belongings Safety At All Times

You got to be always certain that your personal belongings are all safe and protected at all times. So here are a few tips which you must do. First, lock it. You need to lock all of it where your personal things are kept. Second, light it. Keep the lights on so thieves won’t have the guts to just get in. Third, hide it. Never leave your garage door opener. Please see infographic below for more details on how you are going to go about security your personal things.

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Guide To A Strong and Healthy Relationship

There is for sure no perfect relationships right now because of the difference in attitude, culture and many more factors. Hence, in a marital relationship you must be aware of some important things. First, be generous to your spouse. Second, share joy any time with your husband and wife. Third, make them feel validated and valued at all times. Fourth, know your partner’s preference so they will know that they are loved. See more of it from the infographic below.

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The Legal Crime Issues Happening in America

In America crimes are spread out from everywhere. Most of these crimes occur in residences, banks, commercial buildings, convenience stores, streets and highways and gas stations. These are the usual locations where criminals would go to victimize people. And all these frequently happen during day time. Please see more data below to see more facts about the legal issues in the said country.

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DUI Cases of Know Celebrities in the Hollywood

When celebrities drink too much the tendency is they go wild in the streets on their cars. And hence, they get to violate the law. These are the following celebrities who committed DUI. Sam Ronson, she was pulled over for speeding on her way home. George Michael, was banned for 2 years after crashing into a building. Nicole Richie, got arrested after driving on the wrong lane.

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How To Screen Tenants in Simple Steps

There are four steps which you can ask your tenant to do when applying for a space. First, would be rental application. Second, would be to manage applications in one place. Third, would be tenant references. Fourth, would be credit and background checks. Please see the details under each of the steps mentioned and learn how you do it yourself in order to get the right tenant for your business.

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Things To Do To Get Rid of Online Scams

There are five things which you can do in order to avoid or get away from the online scams these days. First, delete suspicious emails. Second, ignore advertisements that appear too good to be true. Third, update your anti-malware software. Fourth, do research about scams. Five, share knowledge with friends and family through social media. Please see more facts from the infographic below.

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What You Must Do To Protect Your Identity Online

There are definitely some things that you can do in order for you to get away from the possible online attacks these days. First, you need to create strong passwords. Second, you have to secure and protect your smartphone. Third, do not share just anything about yourself. Another thing that you could do is to monitor your credit and sign up for identity theft protection services. Please see infographic below for more relevant information.

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