Ensure To Protect Your Personal Belongings

If you always go on a travel and you take your car with you then you need to watch out for the thieves out there. Here are some tips which you can apply in order keep your personal belongings safety. First, lock your vehicle, lock your personal electronics in the trunk or keep it out of reach, keep a record of the serial numbers, don’t carry large amount of cash. See more tips from the infographic below.

Personal Things Records

Big Scam Occurences in Dating

For the information of everybody there are three kinds of scams that exist nowadays and probably there are additions to this list already these days. The first one is the Family Man Scam. The second one is the Chinese Flower Basket Scam and the third one is Earn-Money-By-Dating Scam. Please see infographic below to explain to you each of these dating scams.

Dating Scam Records

Why Is it important to Perform Identity Checks

Performing an identity check is critical in order to avoid the following. First, the likelihood of errors in background checks can be significantly reduced. Second, it verifies an applicant’s basic details. In general, you will get to avoid or prevent potential disputes and mistakes that could possible occur. Please see infographic below for further information related to the matter.

Identity Checks Records

The Issue on Phishing Over The Social Media Today

Phishing is a serious offense that is happening these days. With millions of social media users today, the probability of scam occurences become higher and higher. So what these online criminals do is that they crafted spear phishing emails to someone’s inbox or imitate that person’s account to trick his or her contacts. Hence, you need to keep your information always safe. Please see infographic below for the tips on how to do it.

Phishing Scam Records

Ways To Prevent Fraud Nowadays

One of the big online and offline crimes now is fraud where criminals get to steal millions of money illegaly. Criminals go to online shopping sites to find victims and then they go try to hack credit cards with the aim to extra money from it. Hence, if you have these types of accounts then you must make sure that you do secure your accounts, that there should be some precautionary measures underlying it.

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Celebrities Who Went To Rehab in the Past

Some of the celebrities got arrested due to the addictions that they were into. Some of the violations committed include using heroin, alcohol, and cocaine. The result of such use was violating the Driving Under the Influence. Some of these celebrities include Eminem, Elton John, Britney Spears, El Debarge, Robert Downey Jr., Mel Gibson, and Maureen McCormick. See more infographic below for more details.

Celebrity Rehab Records

How To Maintain Love and Respect Even During Arguments

Arguments can always be part in the relationship and you have nowhere else to go but deal with it to save your relationship, maybe your marriage relationship. So, here are the things you need to do when you are fighting. First, tell you partner to be quiet. Second, focus on your breath. Third, have compassion for yourself and your partner. Fourth, accept your shortcomings. Fifth, focus on what you need and ask yourself. Sixth, choose a response. Seventh, practice compassion daily.

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The Many Forms of Cyber Crimes Today

Cyber crimes now come in many platforms. Such platforms include virus, spam, hacking, phishing, secure and trojan. You have to be educated about these things otherwise your family, friends could experience such an attack over the computer. You surely don’t want your private date be stolen by these cyber criminals hence you have to make sure that you are equipped with the tools that you need to have to counter such online attacks.

Cyber Crime Records

How To Avoid The Wrong People on a Dating Site

Here is one fact, 53% of people have dated more than one person at the same time. Also, 49% of people say physical appearance is the most important. Another fact tells that 81% of people have told a “little white lie” on their profile. Hence, you need to be aware of other people’s motive because some of them only exist to scam the other users on these online dating sites.

Wrong Dating Records

How to Acquire and Keep The Best Employees

The number one asset of the company would be the employees themselves. Therefore, the recruitment team should be able to know how to hire right in order to avoid hiring the wrong people. Of course, you should be able to see to it that the person had clean records in the past because it is going to for sure determine how they are going to behave in the future. Please see infographic below for more technical information.

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