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Arkansas Public Records

A bill on the freedom to have access on public information was carried out way back 1967. From thereon, the Arkansas Public Records have been made available to any of the legal residents in the State. These public records include documents, recordings by films, tapes, CD’s or whatsoever, and data in any forms as defined by the law. But, there are certain official details that are not revealed to the community for security reasons since they are considered to be highly classified. These include the income tax records, grand jury minutes, on-going investigations by law enforcement agencies, closed court documents and more.

Most of the public records in Arkansas have been recorded since the 1900’s. They started on compiling the birth certificates since 1914 which they continue up to this day. These particular files are supported by Arkansas Department of Health, Division of Vital Records. The cost for each copy to be requested is $12.00 to be paid using personal check or money order. If you wished to get more copies, then you would need to pay another $10.00 per copy. You can always call the office concerned for updates more especially to find-out the current fees. The State also provides an avenue for the resident to do the search online by developing a website which carries the said pieces of information.

Arkansas Public Records

Death certificates on the other hand can be ordered for only $10.00 per copy. You will be asked to pay another $8.00 if you wanted to have more copies of it. Unlike birth records, these reports are stored and made available under the management of the State’s Bureau of Vital Statistics under the Department of Health and Social Services. The records Department also has a webpage which exists to make the searches even more convenient. Again, it would be great if you are able to contact the said office to inquire about their present fees. They have all the records intact since 1914 up to present which are also uploaded on an online repository for a smoother search process.

On one hand, both the marriage and divorce records are originally documented at the county level. Marriage reports can be requested directly from the County Clerk in county where the license was issued. They have the records archived since 1917 through the Vital Statistics office for $8.00 per copy and an extra $5.00 for each additional copy. Divorce reports can be retrieved from the Circuit or Chancery Clerk in county where the legal separation was approved. Their records cover from 1923 up to this day for only $8.00 per copy.

The arrest, criminal and police reports can always be acquired from any of the law enforcement agencies in the State and in the respective counties. You just got to complete the requirements being asked and follow the right request procedures in order to have all the details you needed. Over time, modern technology has again introduced another breakthrough in the field of legal records dissemination. This simply means that these public records are now accessible through an online records provider. It’s totally safe and private since it can be done at home. You only have to pay for the service charge in order to benefit the quality of output it brings.

Arkansas Public RecordsArkansas is unfortunately not an open records state. This means that by law, the state’s vital records and other confidential information are therefore not open to the public. However, some records not regarded as confidential can still be accessed by anyone in the state. The Alaska Public Records Law guarantees public access to public records in Alaska for all government levels.

Public records in Alaska include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Public vital records
  • Public arrest and criminal records
  • Driver records
  • County records
  • Project updates
  • Amendments to vital records

Arkansas Background Check

Sussing out the background and past experiences of an individual is commonly done today especially in businesses and organizations. Since it is hard to pinpoint anyone with a shady past, doing a check will definitely help investigators in such endeavor.

To request access to Arkansas public information, the following steps must be adhered to:

As the applicant, you are to provide your information as well. Significant details which you must include in the application form are your complete name, address, and your phone number. Your relationship to the individuals named on the record and the reason of such request must also be specified.

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