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Arkansas Divorce Records

Certified copies of Arkansas vital documents such as divorce records are permanently stored and maintained by the state’s Vital Records office under the jurisdiction of the Arkansas Department of Health. These documents are accessible at any time, but there are certain procedures that one must observe when trying to obtain Arkansas divorce records, as well as any other essential data pertinent to the record itself.

The policies and guidelines that are put in place may vary from state to state. This is why if you wish to obtain a copy of your divorce records, you will need to visit the state, or county, where the divorce was granted, no matter your current location is. When it comes to the waiting period for such requests to be processed, it depends on the current workload of the particular office you are dealing with. Sometimes it only takes a day, while other times, it can take up to a week of processing before you get what you requested.

Arkansas Divorce Records

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With state and local government websites offering online access to vital records, one can now easily file a formal request or conduct transactions online. Visiting these government websites allows you to get a better picture on how you can obtain copies of divorce records. All you have to do is download the application form from the website, which is in PDF format. There is also a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, in case you run into any trouble with the requirements and procedures.

In cases where you need the free divorce records almost immediately, there is a viable option. Commercial record providers and online marital data search websites are well equipped professionals that are more than capable of providing vital information in exchange for a reasonable fee. Once the one-time fee has been settled, you will get access to a far-reaching database that maintains divorce records from all over the country. You can conduct a nationwide search if you want to. No more website hopping. Everything that involves divorce records are found in one particular website. That is efficiency and practicality at work.

The Arkansas Divorce records are available from the following government agencies:

  • Arkansas Vital Records
  • County Clerk or Circuit Clerk Office

Restrictions do apply for those who are interested in obtaining divorce records. Only the following persons are allowed to get hold of the divorce records:

  • Parties named in the divorce decree
  • Legal representatives
  • Academic researches

Arkansas Divorce Decree

To get hold of Arkansas divorce records, follow the steps provided below:

Arkansas Vital Records

Vital records are legal documents that document a person’s information as well as important events in their life. The State of Arkansas does not release the actual divorce decree but can issue certified copy of the divorce coupon, which is accepted in all US states.

Person’s requesting for the divorce decree must provide the following information:

  • Valid copy of ID with photo
  • Names of the parties involved
  • Date of divorce
  • County where the divorce was granted
  • Requestor’s contact information
  • Requestor’s reason
  • Payment

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