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Arizona Public Records

A law that allows the residents in Arizona to request and access the public records has been in existence for over a hundred years now. The said records are still open to public so long as the applicants are following proper procedure in trying to retrieve the files. However, you should be able to state your specific purpose for asking the Arizona Public Records. The constitution clearly states that anybody who uses such records to malign another person is a violation to the law and therefore will face a corresponding case. Also, authorities will not permit someone to do the request when the person on the record is currently investigated.

It simply signifies that there are rules to observe and protocols to follow before you eventually get what you have been seeking for. Thus, based on the merits of your application, you will either be denied or approved by the records office concerned. When the request is approved the processing time would depend on the amount of details being asked for. Additionally, another law was also implemented to demand an increase of service charge when the public records are utilized for commercial purposes. So, you need to mention your intention in your request. To give you more details regarding public records you can visit the State’s Library, Archives and Public Records online.

Arizona Public Records

The formal approach to get the search started would be to write a records request at the state or county level. Today, the public will get the opportunity to order such reports more closely since the respective counties are mandated to actively keep and update the public reports. These public records include divorce, marriage, birth, death, criminal records and other legal files that are valuable in many ways in the future.

The rate per request depends on the type of record being applied for. On the other hand, the vital records are put together under the management of the Arizona Department of Health Services, specifically the Vital Records section. Anything that pertains to any offenses such as robbery, murder and the like will have to be coordinated from any of the state recognized law enforcement agencies. Most of these public documents have been kept since 1909 up to present. Birth certificates can be ordered at $15.00 per copy which will be paid through personal check or money order to the Office of Vital Records. The same process is adhered to when requesting for the Arizona death certificates; it is also requested at a similar rate. For marriage and divorce records, the Clerk of Superior Court in each County will be responsible for catering the said records request service. The rate should be inquired from the mentioned office.

Any records that are of high importance to the State and the people should be recorded and accessed anytime. Today, these legitimate resources are not only available at the county offices but are also uploaded online so that the general public will have the privilege to also order them online. The web provides a venue for anyone to do the search on public records instantly and privately from a reputable online records database. A reasonable cost for the service charge would be the requirement in return for the guaranteed data being retrieved.

Arizona Public Records

Construed in the Arizona Public Records Law is the notion that the general public has the right to access government information. This means that state agencies are accountable to the public by allowing them to access these registers. State public archives cover the following documents:

  • Court records
  • Archived birth and death records
  • Marriage and divorce searches
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Arrest and criminal records
  • Record expungement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Inmates
  • Sex offenders
  • Foreclosed properties
Arizona Background Check

Public records are used most often in background checks. Aside from the mere fact that they’re accessible, these documents also bring light to some significant details about any person in question.

Most Arizona public documents are kept in the Vital Records Division in the Department of Health. These files may also be obtained from the following agencies as well:

  • Marriage and divorce decrees – also available at the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the county where the license was issued or where the divorce was ratified.
  • Arrest and criminal records – may be obtained from the Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Department or from the Department of Public Safety.

The processing time for each record entreaty varies and occasionally increases depending on the number of orders received by a particular agency.

To request access to such noteworthy registers, the following steps must be followed:

Payment should be made through check or money order only. Bear in mind that fees are non-refundable as they apply for the search itself.

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