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Alabama Public Records

The State of Alabama plainly notifies the public by law that the public records or legal documents are stored and are made accessible for the use of everybody. However, there are exemptions depending on how the respective county officials would oversee and handle the said reports. But technically, these files are meant to supply the people with an official data regarding a certain incident or event in the past. Those files that are currently being used in the investigation cannot be requested by any means for the purpose of not disrupting an on-going official examination conducted by law enforcers.

Some of the actively updated public records in Alabama include the Land Records, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Alabama Marriage and Divorce and many more. With the Land Records, you will be able to find-out the specific place, date and time to authentic the title transfer and discover possible roots of the family. These reports have been updated since 1908 up to this day. The birth certificates can be retrieved for an amount of $12.00 for each copy. If you wanted to secure more copies, then you have to pay another $4.00 for each. This can be ordered from the State’s Vital Records office, State Department of Public Health. You will get plenty of information as the said records have been maintained since 1908 until now.

Alabama Public Records

Death certificates are obtainable for the same amount and at the same office. Payment is made through personal check or money order to the Vital Records office. On one hand, the marriage records can be ordered from the Probate Judge in the County where the marriage license was originally released. The service charge varies according to the policies imposed by the different counties. More so, the divorce reports in Alabama can be possessed at $12.00 per copy and an extra amount of $4.00 per copy if you wished to get more. Also, anyone can just contact the Clerk of Circuit Court in county to be able to generate the divorce reports even much faster. It would also help to check-out the State’s online records database for more public records’ information.

The other legal reports like police, criminal and arrest can all be acquired from the designated law enforcement offices. You just need to formally make a written request or secure a permit from the court judge in order for the files to be granted to you. It may take a few days, sometimes weeks before you finally get the results that you expected because the entire process is done manually which means that the staffs will have to work and deal with the typical paper documents being archived at their office.

But today, technology has gone a long way because this time it is capable of providing the people with public reports. In other words, the Alabama public records can now be obtained via the Internet without any complication whatsoever. As a matter of fact, anybody from home can actually do the search anytime through a reliable online records company. You only got to spend a reasonable cost for the service fee and grab the results in no time.

Alabama Public Records

Pursuant to the Alabama Public Records Law, any resident of the state may access records from public agencies in Alabama. Hence, all state public registers are available to anyone in the general public who wishes to procure such. Public records include, but are not limited to:

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage and divorce decrees
  • Arrest and criminal records
  • County records

You can also obtain records on property information, conduct a business search, verify professional licenses, and find many other public registers available. Other public records which you can access in Alabama are:

  • Alabama Property Records
  • Alabama Statewide Business Search
  • Alabama Elections and Voter Information
  • Alabama Business Services

Alabama Background Check

Background screening is widely used today to delve deeper into somebody’s background. Records play a very important role when it comes to such endeavor. To access public records in Alabama, please follow the steps below:

  • Download and print the Alabama Vital Event form.
  • Read the instructions in the form carefully and fill it out with all the significant details required.
  • Once the form is completed, send it together with your search payment to the Department of Public Health or to the local county clerk.

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