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Alabama Divorce Records

Be sure to be able to provide the following details if you want the Board of Health to be able to locate a particular Divorce File: the spouses’ full names (wife’s maiden name), the date of the termination of marriage, and the county where it was granted. Now ordering a record copy would nonetheless follow a usual office procedure or the formal ways to request it. An individual may visit the Alabama government portal online, download a mail-in application form and then send it via US mail along with the required information. Alternatively, you can visit any county health office within AL, or order online via the state partner VitalChek.

Ever since its arrival, the Information Highway is a tremendous help in many aspects of our existence. It quickens data exchange, speeds up communication, gets the world in touch regardless of distances, and of course allows personalized investigations. There are many reasons why someone would like to look into another person. One is to verify someone’s shady background in order to ensure personal safety and or to ascertain your company’s security.

Alabama Divorce Records

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For Divorce Records specifically, one major reason why you would confirm its validity is to make sure that you are marrying someone who is truly free to marry. There are some instances that the termination has not been fully approved yet. It is critical to ensure its status and in order to prove that you need to request for a copy of the actual certificate. Or, if you have been previously divorced, a decree would serve as an evidence of the terms and conditions of the divorce in case the other party is not complying with it.

Free Public Divorce Records, which you can instantly search for online using a public records site, let you confirm the status, the grounds, and many other details regarding a specific divorce occurrence. Once you type in a person’s name and state, you’ll be able to track significant information about this individual’s marriage termination. Besides that, uncover so much more about this individual. Sometimes, one thing leads to another; thus make sure everything is pretty much covered.

Divorce decrees provide a person with a wealth of information pertaining to someone that he or she wishes to marry. In the State of Alabama, divorce records are not available for all due to confidentiality reasons. However, the State can provide a person requesting for a divorce report basic details about the divorce including the county where the divorce was granted. For those who would like to request such a report from the Alabama Vital Records, they should know that:

  • Records kept by the Alabama Vital Records start from 1950 up to the present
  • Records before 1950 are available from the circuit court where the divorce was granted

To obtain divorce records, requestors must present the following information to the Alabama Vital Record Office:

  • Purpose of the request
  • Parties included in the divorce record
  • Requestor’s contact information
  • Copy of valid ID with photo of the requestor

Alabama Divorce Decree

To process the request for divorce records, follow the steps below:

Alabama Vital Records

Alabama Vital Records are available from the Alabama Center for Health Statistics. Vital records can serve different purposes though these are used mostly as supporting documents. Those who wish to avail of vital records such as divorce decrees in the state of Alabama can do so as divorce certificates are unrestricted.

What one needs to know:

  • Additional copies of the record cost $6 each.
  • Cash is not accepted and fees are non-refundable.
  • Additional charges apply for expedited delivery.

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