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Public Records

Public records are big news as we journey through the Internet explosion. We’ve become a “dossier society” in which everything about everyone is electronically profiled and documented. As we seize the increased accessibility of public information, we are aware of the risk and annoyance upon our individual privacy. Can’t have the cake and eat it too and no matter which side of the contention you’re on, Public Records have a distinct purpose and they are here to stay!

Public records form the open-government feature of our society. They ensure the transparency and accountability of actions by the government and are for all eyes of society. It is the constitutional right of every individual to have access to the public records of any member of the public as long as it’s done in accordance with the law and procedures.

For most of us, the possibility of needing to obtain information that are held by the government about certain people can never be completely ruled out. That’s why it’s well-advised to have a public record resource handy. Even if you don’t envisage yourself ever coming into such a need, you never know. With the ease and convenience to have one these days, there’s just no excuse to be caught unprepared.

Search Public Records

People conduct public record search for various reasons. Some are even borne of professional or formal requirements such as financial risk assessment, security profiling, prerequisites to official undertakings and so forth. On the private front, the most popularly searched record categories are marriage, divorce, sex offender and criminal records. Whatever the driving force behind it is, the practice is undoubtedly catching on big time.

There are several ways to obtain public records and a handful of different sources to choose from to suit individual needs too. They are conventionally available for request at public offices by walk-in, telephone, mail and fax. In recent years, the online option over the internet has become increasingly popular for obvious reasons – yes, ease and convenience. Processing times vary with the modes of request and are not standardized among different individual departments either.

Public records come in basically 2 versions; free and fee-based. Free public records are mainly provided by government agencies. A token fee is generally attached as an administrative charge. Many private websites also offer free public records but they are notorious for spyware and virus. Fee-based providers are the way to go if the time and quality are of the essence or if you’re serious about the records.

Wide array of information such as Marriage Records, Divorce Records, Arrest Records, Criminal Records, Police Records, Death Records, Birth Records and Background Check or even Genealogy and Obituary Records and many other a la carte specialties. More than 500,000 members have that at their constant disposal. It’s a breeze to be the next one.

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